Money Saving Tips Calderdale

Change Nappy Brands

Are you still using branded nappies? Something that many Mumblers have discovered is that there are some easy savings to be made here as some supermarkets’ own nappies perform as well as the leading brands.
The Mumblers overwhelmingly recommended the Asda ‘Little Angels’ nappies, but also mentioned were Lidl’s own brand and Kiddicare nappies
“Little angels are fab, from Asda”
“I’ve used the Asda little angels they are pretty good indeed. So are the pull ups”
“Another vote for Asda’s little angels. I swear by them”
“I’m an little angels convert too-I reckon they’re as good as pampers. Just wish I’d known that 4 years ago”
“We’ve just got Kiddicares own brand, they are cheap & brill & if you don’t use them all & your lo goes up a size they take them back, we got 272 size 4+ for £30”
“I look after twins and we only use Lidl, after 15 years of nannying I can’t see anything wrong with them”

Energy Saving Tips

One Mumbler has managed to reduce her bills by £40 per month by making the following small changes:
“I’ve looked at the times the heating comes on/off. Sometimes it was on and I was boiling so changed that, I use the quick wash setting on the washer so that reduces washer use by 30 mins each time. Also I put stuff on the airier and only use dryer for towels and bedding. I find it dries within a day. Only boil water you need in kettle, turn oven off 15 mins before things are ready.
Unplug chargers as mentioned and when ironing I always sit down for a rest and used to leave iron on, I’d always end up sat down resting for ages with the iron on, unplug it now. Also iron last few bits with iron unplugged as stays hot ages.
All this has saved £40 per month”